"Life isn't about finding yourself.  
 Life is about creating yourself."
- George Bernard Shaw -


Jerry Foster Trimble Jr., son of Patricia and Jerry Trimble, Sr., born and raised in a small midwest town of Newport, Kentucky.  As a child, bullying and humiliation was a regular occurrence for Jerry.  At the age of 13, while sitting in a movie theater watching "Chinese Connection", Jerry got inspired.  When Bruce Lee jumped out onto the screen, his life changed forever.  He began studying the martial art; Taekwon-do and bullying became a thing of the past.  Excited about his newfound inspiration Jerry shares his message of Martial Arts and Motivation at public schools and special events.  


After graduating from Newport High School, Jerry moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his dream of becoming the World Champion and the fastest kicker in the world.  After winning the Kentucky, Georgia, Southeast and U.S. Championships, on April 26, 1986, Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble won the World Championship and officially became one of the fastest kickers in the world. (Many say the fastest in the history of the sport.)​ After successfully defending his title for fours years, Jerry's dreams took him to los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment business.  


Four months after arriving in L.A., Jerry signed with a talent manager and three weeks later booked his first two auditions that landed him leading roles in both films, in the same week.  In his first film, "The Master”, (directed by Hong Kong legend, Tsui Hark) Jerry played the role of Jet Li’s nemesis.  In the next four years, he booked seven of ten action films that called for him to do most of his stunts, as well as the lead role.


In 1995, Jerry's film career took a turn out of the B action genre and into A List films.  A friend notified him that they were casting roles for the film "Heat" directed by Michael Mann. Jerry took matters into his  hands, phoned casting at Warner Brothers and got an audition with veteran casting director, Bonnie Timmerman.  He nailed the audition, met with Michael Mann and days later he received a personal phone call from Timmerman informing him that he'd booked the role of Detective Schwartz, playing along side Al Pacino.


For the next five years, Jerry's roles were tending to be more acting and less action.  In 2000, he booked the action hit, "Charlie’s Angels."  Even though, he was doing a wide range of stunts in his earlier films, Charlie's Angels was his first role as a stuntman.  The “Taurus World Stunt Awards", nominated Jerry in the category of "Best Fight" for "Charlie's Angels".  Jerry's roles are, usually, acting, but he enjoys doing action in film.


Jerry married actress, author and artist Ami Dolenz on August 10th, 2002.  Ami is the daughter of Micky Dolenz (Monkees) and Sam Juste (Britain's "Top of the Pops").


He has dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S. where he continues working as an Actor, Stuntman and  Youth Motivational Speaker.