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World Champion

Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble

The International kickboxing media called him the flashiest fighter and fastest kicker in the sport of kickboxing. (118 MPH was the speed of his hook kick) The fighter with the name, "Golden Boy" quickly gained world recognition with his flamboyant style of fighting. It was his lightning fast jump spinning kicks and antics that would always guarantee Trimble one of the crowd favorites.  They either loved him or hated him.



Bruce Lee's actions in Chinese Connection motivated Jerry Trimble to learn the martial arts. When he could not join a Dojo, he went to the magazine store and purchased all the martial arts magazines the store had. For the first part of his training, he went through the magazine Master.


On his 14th Birthday, he enrolled in a dojo and began studying Taekwon-Do from Richard Hamilton of the American Taekwon-Do Association in Newport, Kentucky.


He trained six days a week and at the dojo for four to six hours a day.

In only eighteen months of training, at 15, Jerry Trimble earned the rank of first-degree black belt.

At 16, he started competing in tournaments around the country and became one of the top teenage fighters in the U.S. 

Jerry Trimble's climb to the world champion.jpg
Jerry Trimble wins the Midwestern Championships.jpg
Jerry Trimble is awarded grand champion.jpg
The famous Jerry Trimble SIDE KICK UP.jpg
One afternoon, Jerry saw a kickboxing match on TV, against Kickboxing legends, Howard Jackson and Richard Jackson and was inspired. He implemented boxing into his arsenal and began training with Covington, Kentucky's Terry O'Brien from the Shamrock Boxing Gym.



On June 6, 1980, in his first Kickboxing match, Jerry Trimble TKO'd AAU Champion, Tommy Marshall, in the fourth round for the Kentucky State Championship.  He found his new calling.  Trimble happily gave notice to his day job at Kroger's warehouse, said goodbye to his family and friends in Newport, Ky., and at 19 years old, he moved to Atlanta Georgia, to become the Kickboxing World Champion.
Jerry Trimble defeats AAU Champion, Tom Marshall.png
Jerry Golden Boy gets directions in between rounds.jpeg
In the News...
Jerry Trimble joins the team of PKA Promoter, Joe Corley and trainers, Asa Gordon and Tony Mullinax.
Trimble takes out Anthony Thompson for the Georgia State Championship.
- Karate's - "GOLDEN BOY"
Atlanta's Jerry Trimble has become a (very) fast and rising star on his way to the World Championship. 

Kent Mitchell/Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
New Name: Jerry Trimble calling himself Golden Boy these days.

Golden Boy tours boondocks and has thrown down the gauntlet. The flashy Atlanta lightweight let it be known the first time he stepped into the ring as a professional that he was championship material might have been a mistake.
Trimble is having to travel to some pretty remote areas to further his professional fighting career because trainers, Asa Gordon and Tony Mullinax can't find a contender who will fight him.
So, Trimble is going to the boondocks, and he's doing it with a new nickname - "Golden Boy."
How many fighters out there would like to mess up a guy who runs a beauty salon and calls himself Golden Boy? Trimble probably will find out quickly enough.

In The News...

Atlanta's hot shot millionaire promoter, Jim Abernethy, signs Trimble to a contract that includes Hollywood.

Trimble turns down offers to pose in Playgirl Men's Magazine.

Fight promoter, Jim Abernethy comments..."When Trimble fights, he does something called the "Trimble Tremble".  It begins when the referee gives the fighters their instructions. Trimble begins shaking his entire body in a blur of motion. I've seen girls at the nightclubs doing the "Trimble Tremble"'s a classic."

USA Today.jpg
Referree Bill Clark gives directions to Jerry Trimble and Tony Rosser.jpg
Jerry Trimble nails a hook kick to the head of Robert Visitacion.jpg

Trimble KO's Florida's, Jimmy Falbo with a vicious right cross in the second round.


Six weeks after suffering from a broken collarbone, Trimble went on to defeat Shreveport's, Robert Visitacion, for the Southeast lightweight Championship.  Three-quarters of Trimble's training was in a shoulder harness while his collarbone was healing. 

Trimble pummels Mississippi State Golden Gloves Champion, Sam the "Angry Man" Perry to the mat for the sixth time. Trainer, Asa Gordon watches on. 

Jerry Trimble KO's Florida's, Jimmy Falbo with a vicious right cross in the second round..jpg
Jerry Trimble went on to defeat Shreveport's, Robert Visitacion, for the Southeast lightweight Championship.jpg
Jerry Trimble pummels Mississippi State Golden Gloves Champion, Sam the "Angry Man" Perry to the mat for the sixth time. Trainer, Asa Gordon watches on.jpg

In The News...


Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble sets a first in the sport of kickboxing. Following Trimble's 2nd victory against 4th-ranked world contender Mark Gurley, Gurley's camp protested that Trimble was on strength-enhancing drugs. Trimble complied readily, giving a urinalysis and blood tests that cleared him of any drug use.

Jerry Golden Boy Trimble finds a home for his spinning hook kick.jpg
Jerry Trimble knocks down Mark Gurley with his trademark hook kick.jpg
Jerry Trimble defeats, Mark Gurley for the second time.jpeg
The Golden Boy TKO's number one ranked world contender, Tony "The International Tiger" Rosser, in the third round.  Trimble took Rosser out with his trademark jump spinning hook kick.
With his hands at his side, Trimble methodically picked apart Rosser in every round. He would hit Rosser almost at will.  

Rosser's pre fight comments: "Jerry Trimble's a legend in his own mind, if he thinks he can come in here and beat the International Tiger, he's got another thing coming. I'm going to knock out Jerry Trimble."  As they say, the rest is history. 
Jerry Golden Boy Trimble defeats Tony International Tiger Rosser.png

At 23, Trimble wins the U.S. Championship Title against Brooklyn's, Tony Arneaud.


Trimble broke the former Champion's jaw with a vicious kick in their nine round fight.   

Jerry Golden Boy Trimble wins the U.S. Championship Title against Brooklyn's, Tony Arneaud.jpg

World Champion, Leroy Taylor denies Trimble a shot at the World Title.

Trimble's camp came up with a plan, defeat the champion's brother, John Taylor, and the Champion would have to accept Trimble's challenge in order to avenge his brother's loss.

As planned, Trimble TKO'd John Taylor in the sixth round.  As soon as the referee stopped the fight, Leroy Taylor jumped into the ring and challenged the Golden Boy to a World Title shot.

THE PLAN WORKED. Ask and You Shall Receive.  

On April 26th, 1986, with trainers, Sonny Willis and Tony Mullinax, at the Omni Arena in Atlanta,  Georgia, at 24 years old, Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble, defeats Leroy "Superfeet" Taylor and becomes the PKA and the PKC World Kickboxing Champion.   

Jerry Golden Boy Trimble defeats Leroy Taylor for PKA and PKC world Championship.jpeg
Jerry Golden Boy Trimble wacks European Champion, Pascal Leplat.jpg
Jerry Golden Boy Trimble takes down European Champion Pascal Leplat with a wicked right hand.jpg

In Trimble's tune-up fight before his rematch with Leroy Taylor, Trimble defeats European Champion, Pascal Leplat. 


After defeating France's, Pascal Leplat, Trimble's next fight was a rematch with Leroy Taylor.  

To get his conditioning level up to par, he traveled to Houston, Texas, to train with Tim Hallmark (conditioning coach for World Boxing Champion, Evander Holyfield).  The fight went 12 rounds and was a draw.  


The crowd was furious at the decision because Trimble chased Taylor around the ring the entire fight. 


In Trimble's last professional fight was with Virginia's, Curtis Bush, it ended in a 12-round draw.  A frustrated Trimble decided it was time to move on in life, so he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, California to embark upon a career in the entertainment business.  


Goodbye, fight game.


In 2018 Jerry Trimble received the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award at the 50th Anniversary Battle of Atlanta.  

In 2019, Jerry Trimble was inducted into the World Kickboxing League Hall of Fame.  


Joe Rogan and John Hackleman (trainer UFC Champion of Chuck "Iceman" Liddell) talk about Jerry Trimble having the best highlight video on Youtube. 

Joe Rogan - "Jerry Trimble, he's a bad mother fucker" 

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